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love of strangers;

enthusiasm to show hospitality; our essence

Food is nothing but connection - with family, with friends, with the old and with the new. Enjoying food and sharing conversation at the table is the simple joy that defines the human spirit.


It is this spirit that greekdoor is here to celebrate; an open invitation to enjoy a meal and a moment with everyone and everything that founder and head chef Matina, believes is the heart of contemporary Australian-Greek dining.


“My history and memories are built on moments at the table with my entire family. Nothing brings people together like a meal in a warm and inviting space.”

So together with the heart and hard work of local providers and Greek friends from afar, she invites you to come sit, eat and experience the good things in life.

greekdoor is open to all.

"I was born and raised in Halkida, the capital city of the island of Evia, in Greece, surrounded by sea and mountains and a large extended family. When I was little, we had chickens and geese and I do not remember a time when there was not an octopus hanging on my mother’s clothesline to dry in the sun, caught by my papou, my dad’s dad.

I was raised, spoiled I guess, by my maternal grandmother who taught me the alphabet through food, on her knee, while clean picking through a pile of wild greens gathered by her that very day, signing ‘h’ for ‘horta’ with her fingers and letting me know…

My history and memories are built on the experiences I have shared at the table with my entire family and have transcended through my personal journey, beyond my greekness, beyond the Mediterranean, across the ocean.

I did not embark as a trained chef, that came later. I had an academic background, though yearned for more and it was always my dream to open my own place, a space to give me license to cook, create, discover, learn and above all share. Cooking is but a ritual that becomes me. It is that feeling of creation that surpasses its purpose when it is shared by loved ones and nothing brings people together like a shared table.

May you all come and share in this experience at greekdoor. Welcome."

Matina - Founder & Head Chef

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